Sierra Hillside Farm is a small organic farm producing food for the local Motherlode Region adjacent to Columbia State Historic Park.  As a community farm we have both sages from the neighborhood and live-in tenants aspiring to their own farm.
The foothills of California's Sierra Nevada are rich with sun, but can go the entire summer without a drop of rain.  There are 12 acres all together, and are moving up on to the steeper parts of this hillside.
Same approximate view above and below from Spring to Summer. 
Safflower was grown during the drought years of 2007 and 2008 to successfully demonstrate the potential of dry-farming oil crops for biodiesel.  Millions of acres of unused and under-utilized foothill land surrounding California's central valley could grow hundreds of millions of gallons of oil to contribute to America's energy independence.  See story on YouTube.

Hillside Farm has had several farmers over the years.  Starting in 1994 the land was beautifully developed into the oasis it is now.

The old barn is more than 100 years old dating back to the late 1800s.  Supposedly Schilling spice company started here by growing French Tarragon. 

 The upper hillside gets great sun with the direct southern exposure, but is much steeper.  Water will need to be pumped up. Compost cover crop vetch has been planted as a cover crop

The farm house